The Snake Bag That Slithers Into Your Closet This Summer

May Update of Riviera

The Iris collection has been high on demand (more than we expected!) since we launched it mid-April. Bad news first? We have officially sold out of a few colors or the original Iris so please bear with us as we are having more made to replenish our store supply. If there is a color you are dying to have, do get in contact with us and we will put down a pre-order and save one just for you. We are so happy to receive soo many positive feedbacks on the bags, complementing on its versatility and durability. It just goes to show that handmade products with fine craftsmanship is well worth it!!

New Arrival: Iris in Snake!

Onto our good news, we are more than happy to announce a new posh pattern we have finally finalised the touches on. The exclusive Python Print for Summer 2019!

snakeskin faux leather bagIris Snake in Caramel, the bag for summer 2019

Animal Print for SS19

As seen on Vogue's article for trends for SS19, animal prints are making a comeback and visible everywhere this season. We were looking around and fell hard in love with this python print that the item to carry in our hand this summer. There is hardly a color that you cannot wear with this snake-print oversized shopper bag. Even with bold colors and prints, you can get away with a pale snake pattern just fine. It's even work appropriate, if you ask me.

snakeskin faux leather bagIris Snake in Taupe, light shade, easily goes with any outfit

Are you a Pink Gal?

Or if you are like me and just can't say no to pink, we also have the pink in lighter more gentle shade, or the bright shocking magenta that will catch everyone's attention.

snakeskin faux leather bag
snakeskin faux leather bag

Elevate your chic look this season with this exclusive summer accessory which we offer in 5 fashionable tones. You can hold it top handle like a runway model, or throw it over your shoulder before dashing out to your daily commute travel or happy hour with friends. 

Animal-Free Leather

We also want to bring awareness to the fact despite this bag screams SNAKE, the bag is actually made entirely animal-free. The bag is made from polyurethanes, a synthetic leather that is made to look exactly the same but without any animals harmed in the process. #Veganfriendly 

snakeskin faux leather bag
Iris Bag in Mocha, showing off the signature pliable shape

Why Faux Leather?

If you ask anyone, Faux Leather sounds like stiff plastic that is uncomfortable to wear or use. Not anymore. With constant innovation and the ever-increasing demand for animal-free products, faux leather doesn’t have to look fake and plastic like. In fact they are more affordable, without skimping on quality and style.

As responsible citizens of the world, we have decided to work only with non-animal materials (vegan leather). Our makers get their material from the one of the best producer in the imitation leather game and do their magic with them.

blue snakeskin faux leather bag

That is it for us this week, we will be back with another blog post next week. Sneak peek: we will talk about which beaches are the best hidden secrets on the Italian Riviera.


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