Classics with a twist—spring’s newest arrivals

Handcrafted Jewellery

Balance of classic and contemporary

Luxury doesn’t mean overpriced or special occasion — Quality should be for everyday.

Our classic jewellery line are made with a family-owned production house that has over 95 years of expertise.
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Welcome to Riviera, the one-stop shop for all your style needs. We are a lifestyle specialty brand founded in 2013, inspired by the Italian Riviera. We offer quality products in vibrant colours, made with expert craftsmanship. Our goal is to build a community that share our love for fine art, fashion, and travel. We began our journey with beach apparel (swimwear, beachwear, flip flops) as Riviera Beachwear, and now our curated line-up to include handcrafted bags and artisan jewellery made in locally in Italy. Our team continues to work locally in Italy and abroad through small boutiques partnerships, event sponsorships, and wholesale distribution.